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The Frightening Truth About Illinois Pension Funds

Illinois pensioners are facing a haunting reality this Halloween: pension funds are suffering from a 50% under funding burden that is weighing heavily on local and state government budgets. Bond Buyer reports in just one-year public pension liabilities grew by over $17 billion between fiscal year 2015 to 2016.

Illinois published a report by the Public Pension Division of the Illinois Department of Insurance that provides a comprehensive analysis of the 671 public pension funds in the state. The results … Read More

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Stand Up to Outstanding Pension Liabilities

Funding for local, state, and federal public pension plans are in a downward trend, creating billions of dollars in outstanding liabilities. Pensions & Investments recently released reported on the top 100 public pension plans, in which the findings are alarming. Even as contributions increase, the funding gap is also seeing year-over-year increases. As the executive vice president and the director of capital markets research at Callan Associates Inc., Jay V. Kloepfer said, “It’s not enough contributions. That’s it. There … Read More

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