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Bishop Larry Roberts Sr. on Why Protecting Our Pensions Should be a High Priority

Aldermen from across our city recently signed a resolution asking Chicago pension funds to divest its holdings from fossil fuel companies. As a leader in my community, not only do I believe this is a mistake, but I fear for the repercussions this would have on the many present and future retirees that depend on these portfolios to fund their livelihoods later in life.

Chicago has long suffered from pension dilemmas that are both crippling and disheartening to the soul … Read More

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Johns Hopkins Finance Professor Jeff Hooke Wary of Montgomery County Divestment Bill

In a recent column in The Montgomery County Sentinel, Jeff Hooke, a finance professor at Johns Hopkins University, commented on a debate that has taken root in Maryland’s Montgomery County – divestment of the employee pension fund from fossil fuel investments.

In a bill presented to the Montgomery County Council, the employee pension fund is under threat for being politicized by opposition groups who seek to have their green agenda fulfilled through divestiture measures. Ironically these actions do not … Read More

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Pennsylvania’s Pension Fund Crisis

Pension funds have long suffered major setbacks over the years with many of them failing due to lack of funding. Unfortunately, that crisis is still looming in many states.

Pennsylvania’s Public School Employee’s Retirement System (PSERS) recently announced that school districts will have to pay 32.57 percent of every employee’s salary into the fund for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. This news is pretty common and yet certain groups are calling for the board to make fiscal decisions that could have … Read More

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Office of the County Attorney to Montgomery County Council: The Divestment Bill is Unlawful

Known for being a leader in green projects, the Montgomery County Council (the Council) has unfortunately taken their leadership powers a step too far. As discussed recently, the Council has announced its intentions to review proposed legislation on divesting its employee pension fund from fossil fuels. Despite being an inappropriate project in which the Council should not be spending time and resources on, this action is a blatant politicization of a fund that serves as the livelihood for retirees in … Read More

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