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Divestment – It’s Not So Green as Some New Yorkers Think

In a recent article in New York’s Times-Union, the argument for fossil fuel divestment was made in connection to weather-changing events that have – and allegedly will – affect New York. This call for divestment action is misplaced. Fossil fuel divestment does not affect the environment and it does not reduce carbon emissions.

Instead of proactively making an impact to address environmental concerns, divestiture measures are merely a feel good strategy that does not directly help protect the environment. … Read More

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Colorado Recognizes the Flaws of Divestment

In a recent interview with The Daily Caller, Heidi Ganahl talked about her recent win for the at-large seat on the University of Colorado (CU) Board of Regents. During the long campaign, Ganahl was up against a “well-funded environmental machine,” aimed at pressuring college-board members to adopt their political agendas and adjust the university’s endowment to meet those wishes.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as more and more environmental groups are being exposed as fronts for billionaires who … Read More

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Pensions Head to the Polls

As people head to the polls tomorrow to vote for their choice of candidates, voters need to remember it’s not just the White House that is on the line – many local and state races are equally important for America’s future. One such race can be found in Vermont, where the State Treasurer position is currently being fought over by three candidates all with different views on state pensions and divestment.

In Vermont, the State Treasurer holds the responsibilities to … Read More

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