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Washington Post Editorial Casts Light on the Realities of Divestment

Earlier this month, board members on the employee pension fund for Montgomery County introduced legislation that would force the fund to divest over $65 million from fossil fuel companies. The Board argued that it has a “moral and political obligation” to the fund. However, as pointed out in a recent Washington Post editorial, Montgomery County “is a bastion of liberalism whose do-gooder instincts occasionally trump common sense.”  A case in point was their recent pursuit of divestment, which would be … Read More

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Pensions Become Politicized

As Election Day quickly approaches, it seems that every decision, contemplation, or idea in life is being dragged into the spotlight and politicized, including our state and local governments’ pension funds. These funds are being tossed into the ring to be torn apart by groups that are wishing to politicize their social whims through divestment. However, unless managers of these funds consider all the facts closely, pension funds could suffer the negative financial outcomes that result from divestment.

The latest … Read More

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ICYMI: Protect Our Pensions News

From the Protect Our Pensions October Newsletter:

In a recent ruling, a Massachusetts Appeals court concluded for a second time that Harvard University is not legally required to divest the university’s fund from the fossil fuel industry. The ruling officially stated that the students and alumni who argued for fossil fuel divestment “failed to demonstrate special standing, count one fails to state a claim upon which relief may be granted, and was properly dismissed.’’

Each year, university boards face … Read More

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Museums Should Educate and Influence not Divest

The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) is one of the oldest museums in the United States. Its doors opened in 1877 and since then has expanded to include 28 interconnected buildings, 45 permanent exhibition halls, and over 33 million specimens throughout the world’s natural history. This building is, without a doubt, a monument to science.

In a campaign, certain groups have been pressuring museums, including the AMNH, to divest their holdings from fossil fuel investments, claiming that these ties … Read More

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