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Shalom Klein Gives His Opinion on Divestment

Coalition member Shalom Klein gives a breakdown of how harmful divestment action can be on university endowments and pensions.

You can read the original post and learn about other issues impacting our nation on his blog.

I don’t want to see university endowment funds divest from fossil fuel!

  • Recently universities and pension managers have been making headlines as they consider divesting their funds from certain investments, specifically fossil fuel stocks, bonds, and other investments. Illinois universities, in particular, has
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The Impacts on Our Children’s Education

Here’s a scary realization: It’s no longer just our pensions being subjected to the economic consequences of divestments – now it’s our children’s education. In a recent editorial piece in the Chicago Sun Times, coalition member Howard Brookins discussed the importance of smart investments by universities to ensure school endowments continue to grow. But unfortunately, college and university endowments are now being influenced by the same politicization that pensions are currently facing.

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The Risks are Too Great

With $54 million in assets, Oakland’s Police and Fire Retirement System (PFRS) is a closed pension fund that specifically pays retirement benefits to former Oakland firefighters and police officers. Unfortunately, trustees of PFRS recently held hearings on a proposal to divest entirely from fossil fuel companies. Not only would this reduce the pension’s return on investments, but it could possibly force the City of Oakland to bail out the pension fund with tax dollars meant for city services.

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Bringing a Face to Protecting Our Pensions

Recent inquiries by pension and endowment managers into divesting their portfolios from companies based on social issues has caused much concern among fund holders, educators, and future retirees. Divestment, a form of social activism, ultimately results in unintended financial consequences to the detriment of the overhaul performance of the pension or endowment.

In a recent meeting, coalition member and educator Yolanda Hudson, expressed her concerns about her pension and why she joined Protect Our Pensions.

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