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Detroit News: Quit using pensions as political pawns

My good friend, Yolanda Hudson, a retired science teacher from the Detroit Public School System, recently reached out to me about the public pension crisis in Detroit. As the city climbs out of its financial crisis, pensions are being used in a political shell game.

Yolanda and I coauthored an opinion editorial to the Detroit News, noting that Detroit’s public pension problems are indicative of a national epidemic.  We highlighted, “Gambling with hardworking Americans’ nest eggs to advance a … Read More

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How It All Got Started –My First Experience with Divestment

As a retired fire chief and public pensioner from the DC area, I’ve always kept a close eye on the D.C. Council and its activities. In 2014, the Council began considering a bill that would require D.C. to divest its pension from fossil fuels. I was shocked that a city council would take a policy issue and base financial decisions for public funds on that issue.

So, I began researching…. And what I found was unnerving. Not only could divestment … Read More

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